Today: Refiner’s Fire

Today, as I was bowing down to the LORD,
I saw myself as a sword being refined by fire

“Like a refiner of silver He will sit and closely watch as the dross is burned away. He will purify them, refining them like gold or silver so that they will do their work for God with pure hearts.”

Malachi 3:3 TLB 

Refiner’s Fire

I saw a sword
Over coals of burning fire
Red fire, turning lukewarm to hot
Melting impurities
Sharpening the edge

I had been lukewarm for too long
Distracted. Complacent
I had allowed myself to be

It’s as if I’m about to break through a glass ceiling
A spiritual breakthrough that my soul has been wanting
And yet I had allowed my flesh to be. Stagnant.

But I am a river, not a swamp
His Spirit dwells in me

Refiner’s fire purify me
Refiner’s fire sharpen me

I am a sword
Shiny and bright
Ready to cause damage to the kingdom of darkness

Time and again, my God invites me
Back to the Source, the Heart of worship
How can I wander again and again
When I know my soul will always pant for Him

Many times I know
God works
Not because but inspite of me

It’s amazing how long my Father’s patience can be
I will never know the number of times I have grieved Him
And the number of times He has forgiven me
I am still amazed. Still in awe

Starting today, I will write without inhibitions
No reservations. No fear
I will write as if no one will ever read this
I will write not to please man. Only to glorify God
Nor will I filter my words for fear of man
I will only reflect God’s Truth revealed to me
With the help of the Holy Spirit
To reveal God’s heart. The Father’s heart. The heart of the Triune God
To unveil Jesus

It starts today

It starts Today

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